26 Ways to Save Money

Whether you’re saving for the economy meltdown or saving for those amazing Guess shoes, it takes a lot of willpower to change habits and the way you spend your money. I have written and gathered up tips that I have been using for several months now.

1) Save at least half of your paycheque

If it’s possible with your bank, create another side account and work a way to deposit at least half of your paycheque into the side account and don’t access it. If your family can’t get through half of the cheque, deposit at least 1/4th of it.

2) Use coupons

When scanning through the newspaper or the coupons wall in your local market, grab any coupons that you may think you might need for that shopping trip. Whether the coupon saves $1.00 or $0.10, it adds up.

3) Cut down the night outs

If you’re a person that loves to go out for dinner, cut it out. Nowadays a lot of food companies make instant restaurant-like dishes. Not only will that save you like $60, it also saves you energy and gas money.

4) Host a potluck

If you’re getting tired of your cooking and don’t want to spend a night at a restaurant, call up your friends and host a potluck. If you’re feeling like Japanese food, make the theme Japanese food only. Not only is this a great way to bond, it’s also a great cheap way to eat something different.

5) Exchange with friends

Call up a couple of friends and tell them to bring every clothes item, objects, and etc things that they don’t need anymore and do the same. When they all arrive, make a collection and have everyone go through each other’s stuff. This way is a great way to get rid of junk and get new things for free… and even maybe the thing you’ve been dying to have that belongs to your friend.… Read the rest

Save Money and Live Well: 5 Simple Habits

simple spendThese days saving money is easier said than done, but with a little prep work you can take your savings all the way to the bank. These 5 simple habits save you money and encourage you to live well.

The first habit is: Make a plan and a list of what you need when you grocery shop.

The key is to plan your meals and snacks and then to make a list of the ingredients and foods you will need to achieve your plan. Having a list to cross off in the store and a plan to live by will reduce your impulse purchases. Tip: look at your schedule when planning meals. The more specific you are the more you will save, so take the time to compare the different supplies you need for breakfast vs. lunch vs. dinner.

The second habit is: Carefully read labels to get the highest quality for the lowest price.

It generally doesn’t make sense to pay brand name prices for items like toilet paper and dish soap, but don’t assume generic is the way to go either. Usually it’s somewhere in the middle of the pricing spectrum where you aren’t sacrificing quality for cost. In fact, many times a less expensive version costs more in the long run, so always compare quality along with price. Tip: many stores break down prices into a cost-per-ounce amount making it easy to choose the highest quality at the lowest price.

The third habit is: Aim to purchase local, in season foods and ingredients.

When you buy products that are local and in season you are choosing the healthiest (for you and the environment) option possible. The shorter the distance your food travels the higher the rewards of a quality product at smaller price tag. Tip: supplement your shopping at local farmers markets and purchase organic products when possible.… Read the rest

How to Save Money on Bills and Get Free Samples

Ways to Stretch that Penny Further

Right now, as we all know, is a very hard time on everyone. Everyone is trying to make our money stretch further. Here are ways that I do this on a everyday basis.

save from billI want you to call up your electric company, gas company and water company. A lot of states and companies offer discounts if you make under a certain amount of money. I know here where I live we get $15.00 off our electric bill. In California they have what is called a “CARE” program. They take a percentage off your bill. On our bill in California they took off HALF of our bill.

The Gas Company does the same thing. It never hurts to ask the worst that can happen is they say no.

Call your cable or satellite provider ask them if there is any way that you can cut your bill. If you never watch certain channels in a tier then all you have to do is ask. Again it never hurts. If you notice that you don’t use all your minutes on your cell phone look into lowering that plan. We are with AT&T and I like it because whatever we don’t use rolls over. I up our minutes for a few months pay a higher balance. Then I lower my bill back down after awhile I will lower my plan and they tell me oh you might loose your rollover minutes well I have not to this day. Right now I have 4000 roll over minutes on our plan.

Okay now that I have conquered that lets talk clothing. I love to haggle. I love getting the best deals. My example here is Mervyns. Most of us know they are going out of business. They are almost closed down.… Read the rest

The Best Ways to Deal With Loan Payments

After loans for people with bad credit have solved your immediate financial need, you now have to deal with the payments. To make things easier for you, here are some tips you want to keep in mind.

Cut back on expenses. If you have a relatively large loan payment, consider cutting back on expenses to make room for the payment in your budget. Try to cut cable, buy generic brands in the grocery or cancel your gym membership. Right now, you want to focus on paying loans for people with bad credit than on luxuries.

Automate your payments. Inquire with the lender if they provide automated payments. This method is easier than manually paying your loans because the amount is set to be reduced from your account at pre-defined dates. This way, you’ll never miss a payment date and prevent incurring late fees.

Talk to your lender. If there’s any reason why you you’ll be missing your loan payments, talk to your lender right away. It helps to pick a great and reputable lender from the very start, one that’s willing to restructure your payment if any problem should arise. Talk to your lender for a restructure, whether you want to lengthen the loan term and reduce the monthly payments to make them for manageable for you.

You don’t want to miss out on your payments for loans for people with bad credit because this will only make your loan more expensive on the long run. Additionally, you could dent your credit score. Strive to find a good lender who is willing to work with your financial circumstance and borrow only a reasonable amount so you can keep up with your payments each time.… Read the rest